Noble metal oxide anode

1 The Product Classification

1) Ribbon 2) Tubular 3) Mesh, etc.

Noble metal oxide anode-1

Noble metal oxide anode-2

2 The Scope of application

Commonly used as auxiliary anode in impressed current system

3 The Product features

1) It has the characteristics of light weight, good electrical conductivity, high cost performance, strong corrosion resistance, low polarization, and low consumption rate.

2) Tubular noble metal oxide anodes can be customized for various specifications of deep well anodes according to customer requirements, as auxiliary anodes for impressed current.

3) The band-shaped noble metal oxide anode and the titanium conductive sheet are cross-welded to form an anode mesh, which serves as an auxiliary anode in the mesh anode cathodic protection system and is widely used in the cathodic protection of newly built tank bottom plates at home and abroad.

4 The specifications of Tubular noble metal oxide anodes

Anode name


Discharge (A)

MMO Tubular anode

Φ25 x 1000


MMO Tubular anode

Φ25 x 700


MMO Tubular anode

Φ50 x 800


MMO Tubular anode

Φ50 x 1000


5 The specifications of Ribbon Noble metal oxide anode

Width 6.35mm Thickness 0.635mm

Length: 76.2 meters per roll or 152.4 meters per roll.