Polymer flexible anode

1 The Product introduction

The flexible anode is a long linear continuous auxiliary anode made of conductive polymer as the base material. It looks like a cable, so it is also called a cable anode.



Flexible anodes are mainly used for cathodic protection of buried steel pipelines and storage tanks. The construction is simple and convenient, and the anti-corrosion effect is remarkable. Its main features are:

1) Even distribution of protection current

2) Minimal interference impact on surrounding metal structures;

3) In the dense area of complex pipe network, there is no shielding and interference

4) The flexible anode can be cut arbitrarily according to the protection object, which is convenient and flexible to use;

5) Good protection effect, especially for complex pipe networks, old pipelines, storage tank bottoms, and high resistivity environments, unmatched by other anodes;

6) The flexible anode will not pollute the environment. .

2 The Basic dimensions of polymer flexible anode

Wire monofilament diameter: 0.35mm, 133 strands hinged, tinned copper

Polymer anode diameter (with copper wire inside)≥12.8mm

Finished product diameter: 39.5mm