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Aluminum anodes for cathodic protection

Aluminum anodes can prevent the corrosion of steel structures in seawater and fresh water. It is suitable for cathodic protection of metal corrosion of ships, mechanical equipment, marine engineering and seaport facilities in seawater medium, as well as seawater pipelines, ship hulls, pressurized water tanks, storage tanks, drilling platforms, pipelines and cables in sea mud.

Aluminum anodes

The performance of aluminum anodes is affected by the chemical composition of the alloy. We provide different alloy composition to meet the requirements of customers. We can also manufacture anodes with special chemical composition according to the requirements of customers.

Specifications: 16KG, 22kg, 23kg, 35kg, 50kg, 85kg, 120kg, 131kg, 180kg

Aluminum anodes features

Commonly used aluminum alloy anodes include Al Zn in system and Al Zn Hg system anodes, which are suitable for cathodic protection of ships, docks, ports and marine facilities, seawater cooling water system, storage tank sedimentary water parts and other structures in seawater. The sacrificial anode of aluminum zinc indium system (Azi system) is cast by alloying high-purity aluminum, zinc, indium and other metals.

aluminum anodes for cathodic protection

Our company's existing aluminum anodes for catalytic protection: ordinary aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, disc aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, high temperature resistant aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, bracelet aluminum alloy sacrificial anode. We can also design and produce various aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes with special specifications and performance according to the different needs of customers.