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Aluminum anodes for pontoon boats

Scope of application: aluminum alloy sacrificial anode is suitable for ships, mechanical equipment, marine engineering and seaports in seawater medium   Cathodic protection for metal corrosion prevention of facilities and pipelines, cables and other facilities in sea mud.

Aluminum anodes for pontoon boats

Aluminum anodes for pontoon boats

The most commonly used aluminum alloy anodes are Al Zn in system and Al Zn Hg system anodes, which are suitable for cathodic protection of ships, docks, ports and marine facilities, seawater cooling water system, storage tank sedimentary water parts and other structures in seawater. Aluminum alloy anode shall be produced in accordance with gb4948-2002 aluminum zinc indium alloy sacrificial anode.

Product features:

(1) Stable potential and high current efficiency;

(2) Light weight and easy installation;

(3) It has large theoretical capacitance and can automatically adjust the protective potential when protecting the steel structure.

Anode classification:

(1) Common aluminum alloy sacrificial anode;

(2) High efficiency aluminum alloy sacrificial anode;

(3) High temperature resistant aluminum alloy sacrificial anode;

(4) Trapezoidal, disc-shaped, bracelet shaped sacrificial anode.

Aluminum anodes for pontoon boats

Chalco is a professional customized aluminum anode manufacturer. The aluminum alloy sacrificial anode produced by our company adopts excellent raw materials, mature production technology and advanced instrument inspection to ensure that each anode meets the requirements of national standards.

The arrangement of sacrificial anode shall follow the following principles:

(1) The sacrificial anode required for the hull outer plate shall be evenly and symmetrically arranged on the bilge keel and the streamline before and after the bilge keel to reduce the additional resistance of the hull.

(2) Sacrificial anodes required for propeller and rudder shall be evenly arranged on the stern shell plate and rudder. Sacrificial anodes shall not be arranged on the shell plate within 300mm from the propeller tip and in the non anode area of single propeller ship;

(3) Sacrificial anodes required for subsea valve box and sonar transducer well shall be arranged inside the box and well.