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Marine aluminum anode

The Marine aluminum anode produced by our company adopts excellent raw materials, mature production technology and advanced instrument inspection to ensure that each anode meets the requirements of the national stan.

Marine aluminum anode

Scope of application

Aluminum alloy sacrificial anode is suitable for the cathodic protection of the water deposition part of crude oil storage tank.

Product features:

(1) Stable potential and high current efficiency;

(2) Light weight and easy installation;

(3) When the theoretical capacitance is large and the steel structure is protected, it can automatically adjust the protective potential.

Anode classification:

(1) Common aluminum alloy sacrificial anode;

(2) High efficiency aluminum alloy sacrificial anode;

(3) High temperature resistant aluminum alloy sacrificial anode;

(4) The sacrificial anodes are trapezoidal, disc-shaped and bracelet shaped.


(1) The impact with steel structure may cause sparks;

(2) Not easy to use in high resistivity medium