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Zinc anodes for boats

Zinc anodes for boats can provide different shapes according to customer requirements, such as rectangle, square, bracelet, and various other special shapes.

Zinc anodes have been widely used in port engineering facilities, marine engineering, buried pipelines, household appliances, petrochemical, electric power, coal, municipal, surrounding and other fields, recovering a large number of economic losses and achieving very significant economic and social benefits.

Zinc anodes for boats

Commonly used boat zinc anode

The commonly used boat zinc anode is generally a zinc strip anode. Zinc strip is mainly used in local occasions with narrow space (such as pipe sections in casing) and in high resistivity soil and fresh water, and is used to protect oil tanks or other high resistivity electrolytes. Steel structure.

Zinc strip anode product performance

Good flexibility, easy installation, easy to make various anode lengths and shapes, such as spiral, disc;

Uniform current distribution, high current efficiency, greater than 95%;

Can adapt to higher resistivity environment;

No external power supply is required, the strip has a continuous conductive core, and there are few electrical connections;

It can pass through narrow local occasions and difficult environments, and the application is more flexible;

The resistance to ground per unit weight is small and the current is large;