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Zinc anodes suppliers

Zinc anodes is suitable for sacrificial anode cathodic protection of metal structures in soil, fresh water and other media. Zinc anodes has small self solubility, high current efficiency, good self-regulation performance of anode current, long protection life, up to 20 ~ 30 years, and will not have "over protection" phenomenon

Zinc anodes suppliers

Zinc anodes suppliers

Product specification: zinc anodes of different shapes can be provided according to customer requirements, such as rectangle, square, bracelet and other special shapes

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Zinc anode


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Metal anti-corrosion cathodic protection, steel cord and other electroplating industries. Zinc alloy sacrificial anode is suitable for ships, ballast tanks, mechanical equipment, marine engineering and harbor facilities, drilling platforms, port terminals, condensers and pumps of seawater media, pipelines and cables in low resistivity soil.

Chalco zinc anodes suppliers specializes in the production of various zinc anodes and deep processing, and provides cathodic protection engineering facilities and construction services. Chalco undertakes a large number of cathodic protection projects with reliable technology and one-stop service! Large engineering cases can be referred to!